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Depilation specialty Esthetic salon

Gifu City higashiuzura 4-36 peach pit 101
TEL. 058-273-8747
Business hours: 11:00~22:00 (The final receipt: 21:00)

The esthetics of famous has been depilated by word of mouth.
I will introduce customer's speak from experience.

A lot of saying, "Only had to come earlier" comes.
Please do not worry alone, and come to a free counseling and the free test depilation once.

Experience person's voice


『that goes at ease to solve uneasiness☆』

Customer requirements of allure Gifu6 azusa yamanaka Honest [totemo] [kowa] was driven though it commuted to depilation for the first time. Will there be a pain?Is it really good only in the amount of money written in the handbill?There were a lot of uneasiness in me. However, it counseled, and, first, it settled down because of the staff's correspondence. It is easy to be touched very much. It thought by the feeling's that was done business and solicited there and becoming my standpoint. There was not a pain and either it was relieved though one place and the test depilation were done. The amount of money was also really good only in the amount of money of the handbill and it seems to be able to commute happily in the future. My best regards in Mr./Ms. Kamiya and the future of charge.

It is ..depilation under the nose of the whole body depilation of the course for two years.. course for one year.

Yamanaka [azusayou]/22 years old and permanent part-timer

『It is thanks to the staff.』

Customer requirements of allure Gifu7 aki taniguti It decided to be done to a free counseling to see the handbill of depilation specialty [esutetei;kkusaron;aryuuru] in clothes shop, and to go alone with the friend because it was uneasy. In atmosphere that it settles down in the shop in the Asian system, it was fashionable in the rest room. I was relieved to answer you politely one by one an uneasy thing and the skin's worrying when a variety of hearing it at the first free counseling. It will be possible to go from next time at all even by oneself by the person who speaks the staff in the shop easily as bright.

It is a course for sideward both ..depilation.. one year.

Sub-[**you] Taniguchi/35 years old and the unemployed

『'Even the housewife is readily large reet [rutokoni] it is possible to commute. !!』

Customer requirements of allure Gifu8 asami fukuda It was not possible to go easily because there was a child as a housewife, too though I wanted to depilate hair for a long time. The thing of depilation specialty [esutetei;kkusaron;aryuuru] was heard from the friend at such time. If it is this price, it was cheapness of which even I of the housewife can commute, and it is possible to relax because the staff is a space where it settles down in the store because of a polite serving. Above all, as for this shop, there is a complete appointment system, too and it is glad to be able to go readily without becoming troubled and at ease by the child even taking to never put it on with other guests.

It is a course during ..depilation.. one-both [waki] year.

Asami Fukuda/36 years old, housewife, and part


Customer requirements of allure Gifu9 sayaka ootomo A formal image of the esthetics salon was unpleasant, and I was postponed somehow though I had wanted to depilate hair up to now. I will do to the friend recommended because I thought (^-^) that formal feeling did not do at all by the atmosphere that can be relaxed with similar [ajianchikku] to the shop where I am working to be a shop of which everyone can commute readily if it is atmosphere of this shop when going to the shop for the first time though the reason that I made this shop is that the friend is working. (^-^)

It is a course for sideward both ..depilation.. one year.

Otomo clear externals/22 years old and aesthetician

『It was betrayed in a good meaning.!』

Customer requirements of allure Gifu10 kana okumura Because the staff and the atmosphere of the shop were terrible and good, it was possible to relax very much though it was strained because of the first depilation. The person of charge was also beautiful and it was good in ..yearning.. [kanji]. In ..depilation.. image in me, it sprang up actually ..both.. also a handy price and time and was unexpected because it was very early though was high and had thought noodle [do] eczema [-] If hair can so be depilated and the woman can polish to [raku], it is very lucky.

It is a course for sideward both ..depilation.. one year.

Canada Okumura [saiyou]/21 years old and restaurant work


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